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Founding donors

These individuals made a contribution to Pride in Practice during its first year.

Linda-Jo Amaniera, Reese Andrea, Anna Åström, Sara Jane Smith Blessington, Clariza Borile, Leslie Burton, Betsy Chadwell, Adam Darwiche, Selin Demir, Lisa DePledge, Sean Donegan, Sandi Dong, Cay Moeller Drew, Haidn Foster, Cynthia Groussman, Jennifer Lin, Rashmi Madhavan, Lindsay Murphy, Peter Orta, Derrick Patterson, Linda Patterson, Keenan Piper, Hillary Purcell, Tabetha Ratliff, Anne Root, Nicholas Rylander, Sandra and Roger Rylander, Richie Sapp, Lisa Wolfendale, Max Yang

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